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What is hypertext? Great question! Hypertext is a computer-readable language that allows you to connect different types of information from various sources into one human-readable document. For instance, a hypertext document about cars may include links to pictures, 3-D videos, commercials, and plain old text. Hypertext is the language of the Internet. In fact, the "http://" that appears at the beginning of website addresses - that stands for "HyperText Transfer Protocol."

So what does NATIONALHI have to do with Hypertext? Another great question! If the Internet speaks "hypertext" then websites must be written in it. Long ago, before most people had even heard of the Internet, the experts of NATIONALHI mastered the hypertext language.

If you are a small-business entrepreneur who needs a viable website designed and maintained for you, without the "hundred bucks a month or more" price tag, please contact NATIONALHI. Ask for the webmaster team.

Here are some of the sites we have updated lately, all priced much less than you might think! Each link will open in a new window.

OutaSight Entertainment - Karaoke and singing by Indiana's only blind host

Loon Creek Leather - Leather and "Ted Flowers" type silver horse saddles

Ron Wager's Carpet on Wheels - Carpet sales and installation Huntington, Indiana

The Car Keeper - vehicle maintenance record database

The software development team of NationalHI has "been around the block" so to speak. Beginning with the implementation of shopping cart technologies even before the "Dot Com Boom" of the 1990's, our developers have amassed an impressive resume of customers and projects.

Contact NationalHI to discuss your specific situation and to learn more about the website design and hosting services of nationalhi.


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