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The software development team of NationalHI has "been around the block" so to say. Beginning with the implementation of shopping cart technologies even before the "Dot Com Boom" of the 1990's, our developers have amassed an impressive resume of customers and projects.

Currently, we are focusing on attracting highly qualified staff through online job application software that utilizes metrics to distinguish "good" applicants from "ideal" candidates. Through two similar but unique software packages, the healthcare and K-12 education sectors are saving time, expense, and effort identifying best-match applicants while enjoying a near paperless process.

If your organization is not collecting applications 24/7 through an easy-to-navigate interface, you are missing countless qualified applications.

During the evolution of our company, the NHI technical team created one of the first online job application systems that targeted healthcare employers. Over time, this system grew to include the K-12 employment community, helping public and private schools to attract teachers and administrators who met "No Child Left Behind" guidelines.

The Jobs Portals family of software has evolved into two of the most sophisticated yet easy-to-manage packages available. Combined with our responsible-pricing model, companies are sure to attract the best candidates for a wide variety of positions. In fact, the term "Portal" has become synonymous with online information gathering and dissemination.

Our education customers are serviced by the wholly-owned and the School Jobs Portal, whereas our healthcare clients find the Healthcare Jobs Portal exceeds their needs at every turn.

The Portals combine an attractive user-friendly interface with effective search tools to accept online employment applications and identify qualified candidates for positions across the entire organization.

The top reasons to select the Portal software for your qualified staff recruitment:

Paperless applications accepted 24/7/365

Easily identify qualified applicants

Built-in automation and watchdogs prevent time consuming maintenance and troubleshooting.

The Portal is beautiful, blistering fast, and fully customizable.

It is user-friendly for applicants and administrators alike. We do not offer regional training sessions - you will not need them!

Two versions mean there is an option for virtually any size district or company.

You receive all options and every new feature for as long as you use the product - never an additional charge!

The Jobs Portals are satisfaction guaranteed. If you do not save more time, expense, and effort that you pay for the Portal, we will refund that year's fees. Period.

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Click a link above to learn more about the appropriate software for your needs or contact NationalHI to discuss your specific situation and to schedule a guided tour of the software.

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